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$99.95 RRP

Brother embroidery freestanding Multi Thread Stand, stores up to 10 spools. Compatible with all Brother Embroidery and Sewing/Embroidery Machines.

$119.00 RRP

King Spool Thread Stand

$129.90 RRP

Create precise circles with our Circular Sewing Attachment, with circle radius ranging from 30mm to 130mm. Suitable for use with our NS Range and higher.

$139.96 RRP

Free-Arm Mounting Jig for Magnetic Frame/Compact Frame. When embroidering cylindrical items, this mounting jig can be used to secure the magnetic frame or compact frame in order to hoop the fabric easily and securely.

$149.01 RRP

This wide extension table is perfect for quilting, embroidery and those larger projects. Suitable for use with our VM6200D.

$149.90 RRP

Farm Embroidery Card. It’s suitable for use with our VM6200D and NV1250D